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Coffee Quality Chain


Coffee Quality Chain is a blockchain-enabled platform designed to connect all players in the specialty coffee market. From farmers and producers to traders, green buyers, roasters, and end consumers, our platform ensures the highest quality coffee through transparent tracing and certification by reputable quality certifying bodies and graders.
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Our Specialty Coffee

Introducing our exclusive collection: a box of 10 specialty roasted coffee bags, each weighing 150g, sourced directly from farmers in the Q Project Thailand. This exceptional coffee has been carefully curated by experienced Thai farmers and roasters, ensuring the highest quality. Enjoy a diverse and flavorful glimpse into the world of Thai specialty coffee with every sip.
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Q Project Thailand

One of our sourcing specialty coffee who actives consistence training Thai coffee producers and processors in the best post-harvest processing practices to produce high-quality, high-value specialty coffee from cohort to cohort and connect these producers with new markets.
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The specialty coffee Winner lots are coffees scoring 85+ points by the CQI’s cupping panel with CQI coffee certificates. Buy our auction boxset and join our scheduled auction events.