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Doi Pang Bong

Anon Puangsen

Nut, Green Pepper, Citrus, Cocoa, Flat, Chocolate, Butterscotch, Nutty, Milk-Choc, Creamy, Plum, Cherry, Almond, Red Apple, Spice, Basmati Rice, Peanut Skin, Honey, Grain, Sugarcane, Coffee Pulp, Cedar, Black pepper, Spice, Chamomile
because we love coffee

About Farm

Crafted amidst diverse elevations, our exceptional coffee beans undergo a journey of meticulous cultivation, harvesting, and processing, culminating in a richly nuanced flavor profile. Each bean, nurtured with care, reflects the unique terroir and artisanal techniques employed.

Cupping Score Average

about farm

Doi Pang Bong

The Doi Pang Bong Coffee Farm is located in Thep Sadet, Chaimai. Anon joined Q Project to improve the quality of coffee since he had never learned about specialty coffee before. It’s a big challenge for him and for the community.
because we love coffee

About Coffee

The meticulous planting methods employed, coupled with the specific coffee strain and origin of production, intricately influence the nuanced taste profile of the coffee.