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Privacy & Cookies Policy


BOLLIGER & COMPANY (THAILAND) LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Company.) has created this policy to protect personal information (Personal Information) and protect the interests of website users. www.coffeequalitychain.com (hereinafter referred to as “website.), the company assumes that all users have acknowledged and accepted the terms, conditions and obligations according to the policy that the company has set up. Regardless of whether you have used the services of the company or not. that you use the service of this website Including access to view information on any page of this website. (hereinafter referred to as User.), The Company shall not be held responsible for any actions caused by the User's actions when you access the Company's website. The company assumes that you have acknowledged and accepted the terms, policies and agreements related to the service. Or that product of the company is completed. Please do not access this website. If you do not accept the following terms and conditions Collection of Personal Information The company's website collects the information of all service users. Every time you visit or order a product The company will save that information. To improve and develop the system to be more efficient. The Company has no policy to disclose this information. without permission from the owner of the data or it is necessary to use these information for verification The information that the company records is as follows:

1. Information disclosed to the website

For the convenience of providing services to all users who come to use the website. The company therefore collects your personal information such as your e-mail address (Email Address), name-surname (Name-Surname), contact address (Billing or Shipping Address), address or workplace (Home or Work Address), postal area (ZIP Code) or telephone number (Telephone Number), identity picture (Avatar), etc. and in the event that you register (Register) to apply for membership or to use any service The company will collect your additional personal information, including your birth date, gender (Gender), age (Age), favorite things / preferences. (Preferences/Favorites), interest (Interests) or credit card number (Credit Card Number) and address in the notification costs (Billing Address)

2. Information automatically collected by the system

To survey the popularity of the service. This will be useful in applying statistics to improve the quality of service provided by the company. The company will collect your information immediately. Without having to ask for your voluntary first Information that the system will collect such as cookie collection, statistics collection or other information such as IP address, browser type, domain name, web page record ( Web Page) of the website that the user visits, the time of visiting the website (Access Times) and the website that the user accesses before (Referring Website Addresses).

3. Information from other channels

The company may obtain information of users from other channels such as registration and login via Facebook, etc. The company will keep those information as personal information of service user According to the information that the company can collect from that channel, for example, connecting to a Facebook account, the system will retrieve the information of the service user specified in Facebook to be stored as the service user's personal information, such as the service user name. (Username), e-mail address (Email Address), telephone number (Telephone Number), contact address (Contact Address) or identity picture (Avatar), etc., and because the Company's website and services are linked to other websites. The company recommends that you review the privacy policy of other websites linked from this website. In order to know and understand how such websites collect, use or process your personal information, the company cannot guarantee the message. Or endorse any action as announced on the said website. And does not accept any responsibility if those websites do not operate or perform any actions in accordance with the privacy protection policies that such websites have announced at all. Use of Personal Information

  • The company will use your personal information only as necessary, such as name-surname and address for contacting, providing public relations services. Or provide information, news, including surveys of your opinions in the business. or activities of the company only

  • The Company certifies that it will not sell or distribute your personal information collected by the Company to third parties. unless authorized by you only

  • In the event that the company has hired other parties to process your personal data, such as product delivery, statistical analysis of the business or activities of the company, etc. The company will require the agency that has been hired to do so. Keep the confidentiality and security of your personal information. And to prohibit the use of such personal information outside of the activities or business of the company.

Right to control your personal data

For the sake of your privacy. You have the right to choose how your personal information will be used or shared. or may choose not to receive any information or marketing materials from the Company by simply submitting such intention to notify the Company via email. support@infochain.asia

Securing personal data

In the interest of confidentiality and security of your personal information. The company has set regulations within the department to determine the right to access or use your personal data. and to maintain the confidentiality and security of some extremely important information such as passwords, phone numbers. Or credit card number, etc. The company has provided a secure communication channel for such information by encrypting the data, such as encrypting data transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or encrypting the MD5 database, etc.

Use of cookies. (Cookies)

Cookies is a small text file that is sent to be stored in the user's web browser. and when you open to visit the website again later The machine will immediately remember that the user has visited. The collected information allows the Company to send specific information to the User's browser. Cookies contain information such as content, numbers or dates, but no personal information is stored. Cookies will not harm your device or interfere with any function of your device. Cookies are not programs, not viruses, and cannot transmit viruses to the user's device. The cookies will be automatically sent to be installed in the browser of the user's computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone or other device. The Company uses cookies to identify users of the Service in order to know who is visiting the Company's website. And the company will use cookies to collect geographic statistics and other information about users of the service. With this statistic, the company can modify and create the content format that matches what the users are most interested in, for example, when you come to the company's website. Cookies tell the Company the location of the web page you are currently visiting. This allows us to send you content, recommend products or useful information that is in line with your needs, for example recommending products that you think you are looking for or generating search term predictions that you think you are looking for in search engine, etc. The company's website also uses cookies from Google services as well, which these cookies are used to deliver advertisements to users directly. to be consistent with what is thought to be most relevant to service users It considers the content on the website that the user has visited and that he has visited before. Please be aware that the User will be treated similarly on other websites if the User does not wish cookies in the browser of their computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. smartphones, or other devices. Users can instruct their browsers to reject cookies. but may cause service users to not be convenient to use the service Or use various systems at full efficiency.

Updates to Privacy Policy

Because the company has continuously developed the system. Therefore, the Company may update or amend the Personal Data Protection Policy without prior notice to you in order to maintain your rights. and the interests of the service users, so the company recommends that the users read the privacy protection policy every time they visit. or use services from the website

Compliance with the Privacy Policy and dealings with the Company

In case you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding the privacy protection policy. or compliance with this Privacy Policy The company is happy to answer questions. listen to suggestions and comments This will be beneficial to the improvement of the company's services in the future.

Delete or destroy data

You may have the right to request that we delete or destroy any or make your personal information that we collect use or disclose It is non-personally identifiable information to the owner of the information. unless Our retention of such information is for compliance with the law. or to establish legal claims for the exercise or defense of legal claims. You can request to delete or destroy the data.